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Disclaimer: Even though we truly believe in the benefits of marijuana for many medical ailments, it is important that you continue to follow your own doctors/physicians advice and keep taking any medicine that is prescribed to you by them. It is your choice and your choice alone to decide IF and when you stop taking any prescribe medicine given by your doctor/physician. We will NEVER advocate or advise you to stop taking your prescribed medication from your doctor/physician. Also even though we believe in the natural properties and benefits from different marijuana strains for many different ailments, we cannot condone the use of them, or encourage the use of them, as that would be irresponsible of us, in a country where it is still unfortunately still illegal to use.  With that being said, and you wish to continue with your order, you do so solely at your own risk and canncare-ph takes no responsibility in that decision you have made. One day we live in hope that it will become legal for all.
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