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Thanks Cannacare-PH Team. 19th Nov '21
1 Gram Big Chief Cartridge.
YUP! We got 'em! Big Chief Extracts premium distillate 510 carts. Each box is sealed in cellophane and comes with an individual QR code for authenticity check. These are legit, pain the ass to get, but we did it! Yes you can pick and choose your flavors and we will fulfil that order (subject to stock).

Apple Jack - S - Delta 9 THC 89.40%
Blackberry Kush - I - Delta 9 THC 88.08%
Blackwater OG - I - Delta 9 THC 88.78%
Blue Dream - H - Delta 9 THC 90.21%
GSC - H - Delta 9 THC 90.04%
Grand Daddy Purple - I - Delta 9 THC 88.38
GG4 - I - Delta 9 THC 90.09%
Napalm OG - I - Delta 9 THC 88.92%
Pineapple Express - H - Delta 9 THC 89.09%
Sky Walker OG - Delta 9 THC 90.21%
Sour Diesel - S - Delta 9 THC - 89.80%
Sour Tangie - S - Delta 9 THC 91.80%
Sunset Gelato - H - Delta 9 THC 91.27%
Wedding Cake - H - Delta 9 THC 89.70%
White Widow - H - Delta 9 THC 90.42%

Minimum Order is 5 Cartridges.

22,500.00 Total + Shipping. ( 4,500.00 Each).

40,000.00 Total + Shipping. ( 4,000.00 Each).

If you require more than 10 cartridges in one order, please contact us for a personal quote.


From this manufacturer we are able to offer you two types of shipping, regular stealth and super stealth.

Regular Stealth with Tracking Number -
4,500.00 per order.

Super Stealth with Tracking Number -
9,500.00 per order.

Before contacting us with an order, please decide beforehand if want the packaging removed or not and if you want regular stealth or the super stealth. This is to speed up the ordering process. Even without packaging we will still include the certificates of authenticity for each cartridge, just not inside a sealed box anymore.

When you are ready to order, click here Ordering and follow the instructions.

Thank you,

CannaCare PH Team.

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