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So you have finally found our online dispensary, congrats, but now you want to know who we are and why we do all this, you’ve come to the right page, so please read on…..

Who are we?

The founder of the business has been a proactive person trying to legalize marijuana for medicinal use since the early 1990’s when they came across the great plant to help their own medicinal use.  At the time they were suffering from PTSD. They found smoking the plant alleviated the worst of the symptoms of depression at a time when they could hardly get any worse.

They started to advocate in their own country that it should be looked at for medicinal uses, they knew back in those days that they would never agree for it to be legalized for recreational use, so they picked their battle, just to try and get it legalized for medicinal use. At the time they said that they were naive and did not understand the powers that the pharmaceuticals companies have over the governments worldwide.  Of course they never got anywhere and all their protest fell on deaf ears and got nowhere.

Fast forward 25 years and things have changed beyond recognition. Now it is not only legalized for medicinal use but also recreational use too in certain parts of the world and about time too! Medicinal use it is legalized in 26 countries at the moment and this number is set to grow over the coming years. In the US of A, 33 out of the 52 states now allow you to use marijuana for medicinal use and some also for recreational use too. Even previous Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, openly admits to flying to the USA so that she can take Marijuana for her ailments, that's great when you have money to fly back and forth to the United States, whenever they feel like a joint, not so great for all the Filipinos who do not have that same wealth and get that same health care and pain relieve. And even current President Rodrigo Duterte, jokes that he smokes it himself, whether to believe him or not is another matter for discussion.

People’s attitudes to this majestic all natural plant is changing finally, and even the big pharmaceutical companies have realized this is a losing battle in trying their best to suppress the many positive benefits of using this plant and have started to develop their own medicines containing THC and CBD to sell to the public instead. As they say, "If you can't beat them, you might as well join them". They know full well if they don't move with the times, they are going to lose out on a massive pay check, and this is also the reason why now many countries around world are legalizing the plant for medicinal use as the pharmaceutical companies need it to be, so that they can sell their own product to you ironically, at a massively increased cost of course. As you can see we are very passionate about what we do, but we are not here to talk politics, that’s not why you’re here.

Times have changed in ways that you can consume marijuana from the humble times of just smoking it. Which is great news for non-smokers who want the benefit of the cannabinoids THC and CBD compound found in the marijuana plant, but do not want to inhale the smoke. There are at least 24 ways to enjoy the benefits of the plants which, can be oils, lotions, vape pens, trans-dermal patches, drinks, chocolate and topical creams to name just a few. We try and bring some of those products here for you.

With all that above being said, we want to be able to offer advice from years of experience to the wider community in the world. There are many strains of marijuana to choose from, for many different ailments including

Alzheimer's disease,
Appetite loss,
Crohn's disease,
Multiple sclerosis,
Anxiety Attacks,

That is just to name a few things. We will never ever advocate that you should not listen to your own doctors/physicians advice and if they prescribe you with pharmaceutical drugs, we strongly suggest that you take them alongside marijuana, until you are ready, comfortable and feel happy before even considering stopping your prescribed drug. Only you can make that decision, if you ever make it at all.

So what is our mission?

We want to help the good people of the Philippines and wider world to try and get an alternative natural based medicine to what the pharmaceutical companies prescribe to you there, which are usually man-made chemicals. Whereas the humble marijuana plant is that, 100% natural remedy.

We are here to offer the good people of the Philippines access to the latest marijuana products for use at home to help with there medical ailments. We are also here to advice you if you are unsure on what strain would be best suited to your specific medical needs and more importantly how to dose it. That's important because we sell very high percentage THC products and if your a novice and took no advice from us, you could be on your couch for 48 hours watching TV and raiding the referidgerator every 10 minutes.

Important notes to remember, due to the fact that the Philippine Government has yet to make marijuana legal even for medicinal use, and even if they do, as they are trying with the bill introduced by Rodolfo Albano III, House Bill No. 4477, known as the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Act in 2014, it will only be available for a select few and very hard to get hold of for the majority of people. We have to still protect you as our clients and ourselves until such time that it is legalized, which we strongly believe it will be in the Philippines at some point in the very near future.

We make all our own cartridges and edibles, please see the page "Why our Cartridges" for further information as to why you should choose us. We also have a small section of Authentic Cartridges due to popular demand, but we mainly deal with our own in house products.

Do be aware of fakes as there are a lot of them in the Philippines and on your street corner (ROVE THC Cartridges for example, many counterfeit copies of that brand there in the Philippines), especially coming over from China, which is no surprise. One very big sign that someone is selling fakes is the price. As they say “If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.”  We are not here to rip you off, by selling you fake goods, we only sell the best and that is why we have been successful. We want to retain our customer base, not chase them all away by supplying bad quality products. Where is the business sense in that, short term it might work, but we are here for the long term.

We have learnt from our past experience to limit our number of customers too, otherwise we cannot give you the advice that you rightly deserve, but also to keep a low profile. The bigger you become the more chance you have of getting caught, we are not here to solely make money, but here to help the good people of the Philippines too. Once we hit a certain amount of clients (Which is small), we will not accept any more new clients, unless it is for a severe medical case like alleviating the pain and discomfort from chemotherapy or someone suffering from acute epilepsy fits (Adult Only) or at the end of their lives and just want to leave the planet in a comfortable relaxed manner rather than in pain and discomfort when their time ultimately and sadly comes.  We are humans and can be and should be compassionate.

We hope now that you have learnt a little bit more about us, who we are and why we do this. Everybody should have access to this miracle plant, and not just a select few who can afford to travel. We strongly believe that everyone has the right to choose what they do or don’t do with their own bodies and not some pharmaceutical company that wants to sell you their chemical induced addictive (Opioids) man made pill that costs $80 US Dollars each, but only costs them 0.10 cents to produce and pack. Sorry politics again ha, 

Thank you,

Best Regards and Total Respect to you all,


The CannaCare PH Team.

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Disclaimer: Even though we truly believe in the benefits of marijuana for many medical ailments, it is important that you continue to follow your own doctors/physicians advice and keep taking any medicine that is prescribed to you. It is your choice and your choice alone to decide if and when you stop taking any prescribe medicine by your doctor/physician. We will NEVER advocate or advice you to stop taking your prescribed medication from your doctor/physician